Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.


Production Team

We believe that working at TMMC is the “Lexus” of jobs. And we want people who work here to feel the same way. If you're thinking of applying, make sure you can meet the demands of working production – including shift work, manual labour, mobility, and more. If you can, we believe the rewards are second-to-none.

The Recruitment Process

The Application

Completing the online application for our Production Team Member opportunities will require approximately 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.

You will answer details about the type of employment you're looking for, your behavioral preferences, and your work experience. These will help us understand a little more about you, your work habits and your qualifications.

Aptitude Test

The second step is the aptitude test. This test will take place in the computer lab on the campus of one of our local colleges. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

Work Simulation

The midway point of our recruiting process is the work simulation. It takes place in the Assessment Centre at our Cambridge location. This 4 hour activity will expose you to the physical demands of the job.

Interview / Work Related Reference Checks

The final stages prior to job offer include an Interview and the Work Related Reference Checks. In the Interview stage, representatives from manufacturing and human resources team will gather additional information about your responses on the application. As well, they will ask you behavioural questions to assess your fit within the TMMC environment. While attending your interview, you will be asked to provide work related references, as the final assessment stage, so that TMMC can contact these individuals and confirm your TMMC fit.

Job Offer

If you're offered a job, you'll start as a contract Team Member. Contracts can be renewed every 3 months. Twice a year we analyze long-term business needs in order to determine the number of contract Team Members who can be hired as permanent Team Members.

If you have already applied for a Contract Production position at TMMC, you can check your status online or email us at for more information.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada is committed to providing accommodations for applicants with disabilities; please advise us if you require an accommodation during the recruitment process.

TMMC Production Team - Demands

Job Demands

Every job demands different skill sets and our standards are very high. You should know that working production can also be physically and mentally demanding. But, you’ll be part of an incredible, high-performing team exposed to constant improvement and innovation, and that is very rewarding.

“Working as a skilled trade team member with cross functional teams of engineering, production and administration professionals, we use the latest technology and equipment and make significant improvements that help produce better cars and benefit Team Members, such as installing an automated guided vehicle (AGV) to move heavy parts.” - Team Member, Skilled Trades

TMMC Production Team - Quality is Not Negotiable

Quality is Not Negotiable

Building in quality means strictly following standardized processes and procedures. This can make production work very repetitive, but a slight deviation can change the overall output, impact timing on the line, or create safety concerns for you or your teammates. You’re counted on to do your job exactly as instructed, but also to point out any defects that you see. Quality is key to your – and our – success.

Shift Work

Production positions require you to work rotational day and afternoon shifts. Shift start and end times may vary based on business condition. Our core hours of work are Monday to Friday with a day shift starting at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 3:45 p.m. and an afternoon shift starting at 5:45 p.m. and ending at 2:30 a.m.

When production demands are high, you will also be expected to work overtime and weekends. You are rewarded for these efforts with shift premiums for afternoon shifts and overtime pay.

TMMC Production Team - Mobility


Be prepared to be mobile. TMMC has three plants: 2 in Cambridge and 1 in Woodstock. You may work in any of these locations depending on production demand.

TMMC Production Team - Rewarding


When you work at TMMC you work with the best. Our plants, our people and the vehicles we build have won many of the industry’s most prestigious awards. When you accept a Contract Production Team Member role, you’ll receive:

  • Starting Pay: $20.34 per hour, plus shift premiums and overtime pay (as applicable)
  • Semi-annual bonus
  • Health Care Benefits, Vacation Pay, and Skills Development opportunities
  • Special Equipment, Safety Equipment & Tools
  • An allowance for Uniforms

And more