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Vision & Mission

A Vision for the Future

On April 11, 2011, Toyota announced its Global Vision Statement. The Statement gives voice to who we are as a global enterprise, our Toyota values, and the good that we are striving to accomplish. Designed to inspire all Team Members to even greater things, the Statement emphasizes Toyota’s industry-leading commitment to quality, innovation and environmental sustainability. At its heart is this signature policy statement: We aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile.

Read our Toyota Global Vision Statement

A Mission for North America

In concert with its global Vision, Toyota articulated a Mission statement to guide its North American operations in the pursuit of responsible, sustainable growth, and delivery of exceptional customer care. For the local communities in which Toyota operates, the Vision and Mission mean having a corporate partner who cares and who is proud to call the area its home.

Read our Mission Statement for North American Operations

A Plant with Roots

TMMC is also guided by a simple goal—to be North America’s most admired company, distinguished in its culture and by the satisfaction of its stakeholders. Those ‘stakeholders’ include: customers, community, Team Members, and shareholders. Each has a ‘stake’ in our operations. For customers, it’s world-class vehicles. For the community, it’s operations that are carried out in a responsible manner. For Team Members, it’s a safe work environment and opportunities for personal growth. For shareholders, it’s wise management and a record of success. Major decisions are made with all stakeholders in mind, with an ultimate goal of maintaining a balance of satisfaction between each and every one.