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TMMC North: Toyota Cambridge Plant North


Facilities Cambridge - 3 million sq ft
Woodstock - 1.8 million sq ft
Employment 8,000
Products Corolla Sedan
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Located in Cambridge, Ontario, North is where we build the Corolla, the best selling vehicle of all time. Here’s a brief overview of Toyota Cambridge Plant North—by the numbers.


That’s the year North Assembly opened for business and Corolla production moved from the original (now “South”) plant. Since TMMC started production, we’ve manufactured just under 4,000,000 Corollas.


That’s the number of Corolla generations we’ve manufactured since 1988. The current Corolla model now perfectly holds an extra large Canadian “double-double” coffee in the cup holder and has floor pedals that fit North American shoes (size 10.5 men’s winter boots to be exact), thanks to a Canadian TMMC engineer who spent a year in Japan helping to evolve the vehicle design.


That’s the number of Corolla vehicles produced daily on the lines of Toyota Cambridge Plant North. It’s a complex operation made possible by highly trained Team Members and the just-in-time timing of the Toyota Production System.


Give or take a few, that’s the number of parts that Team Members bring together in order to complete just one Corolla. All together, Team Members may handle over 1.7 million parts in a single day. Many of those parts are made right on-site. The rest are brought daily, in as many as 135 daily trailer loads—each load arriving just hours before the parts are required on the production lines.